in the future

South Bend Schools

The journey of a lifetime begins this fall.

The most important child in our schools is yours.

Quality of education means different things to different students. And we believe no other educational system better serves the unique needs of each and every student than your South Bend Schools. We pride ourselves on our diversity of programs, services, curricula and opportunities and are dedicated to making your child's educational experience the best it can possibly be.

It is said that education begins at home
and that is surely true.

However, home is more than the place our families live in or sleep at night. Home is all about neighbors, friends, places of business and places of worship. It is our entire community. South Bend is blessed with a vital and vibrant spirit of community. And we are honored to be an integral player in that community we call Team South Bend.

We take pride in knowing the students in our school system are uniquely prepared for life in the real-world, global community. Some graduates may choose to spend their lives right here in South Bend. Others may decide to venture much farther to fulfill their life dreams. But regardless of where life's journeys take your children, as parents you can be confident that the quality of education they receive in South Bend Schools and the values they learn in the South Bend community will serve them well.

All the choices you'll ever need.

We hear much about school choice these days. Choice is good. But did you know that the South Bend Schools offer more choices than your child is ever likely to need?

Educational Opportunities

Whatever your child's interests or needs, South Bend Schools can provide for them. There's our Dual Language Immersion, International Baccalaureate programs and Career & Technical Education (CTE) curricula. And that's just for starters.

Magnet Schools

The highly specialized staff and innovative curriculum in our magnet schools ensure students will benefit from a more personalized, theme-based education in a safe and diverse environment.

Diverse Activities/Groups

The list of special activities and extracurricular programs is endless. From robotics to culinary arts and technology, South Bend Schools truly have something for every student interest.

Inspiration personified.

One would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and passionate faculty and staff than those who serve our students so selflessly in the South Bend Schools. Their impressive academic credentials and advanced degrees are matched only by their amazing dedication and professionalism.